Brevard County Residents Fight To Save Their Residential Communities from Commercial Development

On December 8, 2020 the Brevard County Commission will meet to consider a proposal that if passed would allow commercial tourist daily rentals in residential neighborhoods, forever changing county regulations established in 2006. The Commission is considering this change despite evidence that short term rentals are very problematic, as highlighted by horror stories by neighbors of vacation rentals throughout Florida and the country.

Brevard County residents have long enjoyed neighborhoods with a safe, family lifestyle. Kids can play ball or ride bikes in the streets without having to worry about traffic. Neighbors know one another. Beachside residents know the responsibilities of living on the beach; keeping the beaches safe for nesting turtles and hatchlings.

The safety of residential neighborhoods is at risk if the proposed change is voted in. Residents in neighborhoods with daily vacation rentals occur have shared complaints of loud music late at night, even on week nights, frequent visits by cleaning crews between rentals, loud middle-of-the-night drop off and pick up of tourists arriving and leaving, parties at beach access locations with trash left behind.

A Google search for “house party vacation rental” shows numerous web pages hosted by vacation rental companies promoting this practice.

Brevard County has plenty of quality commercial tourism establishments (hotels, motels, resorts) to accommodate tourists. These existing establishments will lose business to commercial tourism daily rentals in residential neighborhoods.

Brevard residents have banded together to oppose this regulation change to protect their quality of life. Residents are hopeful that the commissioners will vote against this proposal as they learn more about the issue. Residents will attend upcoming meetings to share their concerns with county staff and the commissioners.


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